Compact hitech launcher app

compact hitech launcher app – compact hitech launcher apk

compact hitech launcher app – compact hitech launcher apk download

compact hitech launcher What’s new

Total 63 new themes added total 150 themes.
40+ new HD wallpaper added.
App lock feature added.
Hide App feature added.
Pager animation setting added.
Dark mode and Light mode setting added.
Bug fixing done of many themes related to clock update.


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Compact launcher app


Compact launcher app


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About compact launcher

You can profit a mild, sci-fi, campaigner, 87 IN 1 Launcher.

compact  launcher 2021 is one of the most exuberant launchers, styled by profusion of mesmering features one can ever experience of.

The beauty of this launcher lies in its fantastic accrual of themes, wallpapers and its iconPack feature. Overall you can profit a sleek, sci-fi, modern and intensely personalised experience.
Give your phone a brand supplement see by installing this optional accretion launcher.

Key Features

Themes :
Amazing Themes categorized as Simple themes, HiTech themes, Tiles theme (win style theme) and Info data themes.
After applying Hitech theme you can get sci-fi advanced see and some of the hitech themes along with gives feeling of hacking UI of a along with hacker.
Apply tiles themes to acquire Win Style theme approximately Android phone.


Wallpapers :

Plenty of involved HD wallpapers encourage on to an agreement the sky of you personalised themes.
you can moreover apply Wallpapers from your personal Gallery.

Font Style and font size :
Beautiful font styles in 7 swap styles and
font sizes in 3 every other choices such as little, medium and large.

IconPack in compact hitech launcher

Offer our own iconpack in this Compact launcher, This Launcher is compatible following every single one the Icon Packs understandable vis–vis perform cumulative.

Multi Language Support :

43 Languages provided in this launcher to acquire a localised feeling.

Weather feature :

Customizable weather feel feature. This feature allows you to know the temperature and weather conditions of your city and late postscript various cities.

Incredibly faster & smarter :

Compact Hitech launcher 2020 provides unquestionably unexpected and smarter handling experience following easy and sleek admirer interface.

Personalization compact hitech launcher

You can personalize each and the entire one of icon by long pressing on speaking it, you can revise app of an icon or you can also convert it into sticker album.
Compact Hitech launcher, creates arts school folders for you based upon the categories of app. You can plus customize every folder based upon your need.


Accoding to each theme we complete furthermore come in the works following the child support for Clock, weather recommendation, memory analyzer, and battery widget in this Compact Hitech launcher 2020.

Compact in size :

Last but not the least this launcher is by yourself 6.2 Megabytes in size also 87 themes and custom wallpapers. That is why we named this launcher as ‘Compact’ Launcher.


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