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Fouad WhatsApp – Fm WhatsApp new virsion 2021

Fouad WhatsApp – Fm WhatsApp new virsion 2021 | Fouad WhatsApp apk


Foud Whatsapp app



Fouad WhatsApp v14.11.2 APK Download Latest Version 2021

Fouad Whatsapp,fouad whatsapp APK Download Latest-Fawad Mods: The automated world is moving at a quickened pace. Likewise, it is additionally transforming us. Take the instance of WhatsApp, which changed the correspondence because of its encoded insinuation. It was a pioneer in voice notes show through mixed help. As stereotypical as it very well might be, there are a few features notwithstanding WhatsApp that are not important. Thusly, they ought to have been improved. This is the reason engineers are attempting to give changed variations of WhatsApp. You probably come to think about them.

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Foud Whatsapp app


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App Name – Fouad Whatsapp
License – FreeWare
OP System – Android
Downloads – 1 Million+
Version – V14.11.2
Rating – 4.3
File – Apk
App Size – 53MB 


About Fouad Whatsapp

Fauad whatsapp Today, we will teach you about Fad WhatsApp, which is viewed as the best-changed variation of WhatsApp. We will give you complete data on the most proficient technique for downloading it and introducing it. Along these lines, keep on declining to look for additional.

Fouad Whatsapp

Fouad WhatsApp is an Android application that is a mod heap of Authority WhatsApp, made by Fouad Mod. What you have heard is the designer of FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp. Today Mod is found similarly, which is furthermore the head of GB Whatsapp and yowhatsapp.

This fashioner has added a great deal of features to a particularly boisterous WhatsApp APK, for instance, customization, points, conversation lock application lock security mod, and numerous features.

What is Fauad WhatsApp application?

Fouad WhatsApp is an application made by outsider engineers, the designer name is Fawad Makkar. These days, WhatsApp arrives at 3+ billion dynamic clients, on the grounds that WhatsApp has astounding highlights that are not accessible in other correspondence applications.

In the event that you are a standard client of WhatsApp, you likewise think about WhatsApp Mod. There are numerous WhatsApp modes like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and units are like WhatsApp. The phony WhatsApp variant has a more altered element for clients.

Cloud WhatsApp is a mainstream form, you can settle on video decisions, sound calls to your companions and family members, too as you can send text, emoticons and voice recorders. The Fouad WhatsApp engineer refreshed this application consistently and made new highlights and upgraded this rendition for the best client experience.

Fouad Whatsapp App Feature

You can pick an establishment photograph for the screen. Thusly, you will have a foundation for the application.

You can pick a picture to be set near the air pocket. The picture can be set to all air pockets, regardless of whether it is single, twofold, or all. Download Fouad Whatsapp APK

  1. You can set a picture in a conversation, regardless of whether it is outside or inside.

  2. You can keep a picture of get-togethers, both outside and inside.

  3. You can see the style of the segment prior to applying them.

  4. You can pick a tab to underline the concealing.

  5. You will have a line shedding between stumbles on the home screen.

  6. You can change the forthcoming message shedding.

  7. You can change the date concealing on the essential screen.

  8. You can make reference to the concealing on the essential screen.

  9. You can report content concealing on the visit screen.

  10. You can change the voice notes play concealing. Fawad Whatsapp APK

  11. You can change the voice notes play bar.

  12. You can pick a forward image concealing.

  13. You can pick a forward message establishment concealing.

  14. You can project concealing on individuals.

  15. There is an in-amass call blocker, which permits you to accept calls.

  16. The course strip is white.

  17. You have the choice to pick Azerbaijani language.

  18. You will have a subject store to download the topic.

  19. Thus, subjects will be downloaded and saved as records.

  20. There is an option in contrast to Brazil for Portuguese understanding.

  21. You can duplicate the new call FAB.

  22. You can send a scene to individuals.

  23. The message substance will work for the Arabic language.

  24. The device will permit you to side the WhatsApp lock.

  25. HSV concealing alternatives are accessible.

  26. Pictures will be altered sooner or later in the base.

  27. You have a foe to erase for messages, which makes you coincidentally erase significant messages.

  28. You can impair the forward tag.

  29. You can conceal all media from the showcase.

  30. You can choose to apply for a subject without foundation.

  31. FAB will go one route for RTL offers.

  32. Ordinary speed is superior to the primary application.

  33. The application doesn’t have a balanced mode, which you can call a serious mode.

  34. New highlights in 2021

  35. against boycott

  36. DND mode

  37. simple to utilize

  38. Shading change live see

  39. Cover up media from your telephone display

  40. Various bunches of emoticons to look over

  41. Forward symbol tone

  42. Forward foundation tone

  43. Topics Store

  44. Security settings

  45. Send any record type

  46. Message anybody

  47. Hd quality picture part

  48. how to download?

  49. Open your pc

  50. Partner with the web.

  51. Open Internet Browser.

  52. Go to

  53. Search by fouad whatsapp download page.

  54. The inquiry yield will associate you to the page where you can download the application.

  55. Thusly, you ought to download the application from the download page.

  56. As of now, associate your phone with PC.

  57. Move framework from pc

  58. How to introduce a phony whatsapp application?

  59. Open whatsapp

    Foud Whatsapp app

  60. You need to tap on the menu.

  61. At present, you should tap on Settings.

  62. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, tap on the discourse.

  63. By then, you need to tap on support trips.

  64. For a very long time, you need to tap on the support button.

  65. This exhibit will begin the support interaction, which will require a couple of moments

  66. In the wake of introducing, you need to follow a few stages:

  67. You need to go to the settings of the cell phone.

  68. By then, you should tap on the security alternative.

  69. Presently, you need to empower obscure sources.

  70. Presently, you need to open the archive registry where you erased the APK record.

  71. You need to tap on the APK record.

  72. Starting there on, you should tap on the presentation button.

  73. Hold on for the establishment interaction. It will pause for a minute or two.

  74. After establishment, tap on the open catch.

  75. Application will be advertised.

  76. At present, you need to satisfy the terms and conditions.

  77. At present, you ought to enter your phone number.

  78. From here on out, you should tap on “Copy WhatsApp Information”.

  79. All data will be rehashed on the new application.

  80. As of now, you can modify the application.

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