Rapid Streamz app download – Rapid Streamz apk free live tv

Rapid Streamz app download – Rapid Streamz apk free download live tv app

About Rapid Streamz app

If you want to enjoy live TV channels on your smartphone, you can do so. However, you will need to locate a comprehensive app containing diverse television channels. Undoubtedly, most of the TV channels have introduced their official apps. But you can’t install hundreds of apps for each channel. Rapid Streamz is a perfect choice for this. In fact, it is a free Android platform that is actively running hundreds of international television channels. Indian, Pakistani, French, German, English, American and many more areas are covered.

In short, if you only have this little application on your phone, you can watch any of your favorite TV programs like Dish Antenna or Cable offers on your television. It does not require any login or credit card information. Instead, you can open it directly without having to put in any credentials after installing it. From now on, you will never miss your live broadcast. Watch sports, movies, cartoons, fiction and all other genres while on the go or travelling. Also, it can be an alternative to HD Streamz and Picasso apps.

Nowadays the trend of video apps has increased rapidly. And content creators are releasing new movies and series on these online platforms. The reason is that due to the recent pandemic the public is avoiding cinemas and cinemas. In this scenario, both paid and free apps have finally seen a boost. On the other hand, not all free apps are safe to use. So, be careful as they may collect data from your device. Rapid Streamz is reliable in this regard. Since it is in use by millions of fans, especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Features of Rapid Streamz app

This third-party app is great, no doubt about it. It can satisfy all the TV lovers through its services. However, once you use it, you can know about it in depth. Nevertheless, we can write its main features as follows.

Categories of TV Channels in Rapid Streamz app

When you open the app, you will see groups of about 28 different TV channels. The developer has created these classes based on region as well as styles.

Multiple countries channels available in Rapid Streamz app

Similarly, you can stream live services from all parts of the world. Arab, Bangladesh, France, Germany, India, Italy, Pakistan, Iran, Portugal, Thai, Turkey, UK, USA etc.

all styles

Since there is a huge collection of TV channels, you can enjoy all kinds of content. Sports, movies, kids, wildlife, news, music and all kinds of TV channels are enjoyable.

inbuilt video player

Similarly, choose your preferred video player from the given options. MX, XYZ, VLC, Android, X Video, Wuffy, Web Video Cast Player are some of the major alternatives.


Download now

Other features include in Rapid Streamz app


  • Rapid Streamz is free to download and watch.
  • A huge collection of all TV channels.
  • Cast on the big screen.
  • No login, registration or subscription.
  • It contains advertisements.
  • no password.
  • Functional on Android devices.
  • Updated links to watch Live TV.
  • Smooth and working app.


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